Drawing on handmade paper by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.


June 27, 2018


Two butterflies explore summertime, design by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.

Summertime Notecard

Summer lull…

June 25, 2018

yerba buena

In a quiet moment… a drawing of some neighborhood yerba buena by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.


For Jennifer Golick, Christine Loeber, and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba with the Pathway Home at the Veteran’s Home of California in Yountville, California, and for all of the good people who continue to work with our veterans who need healing after serving. “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few…” (Matthew 9:37), drawing by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.



Lax light water

“the-light-is-still-up-on-the-wa-ters-the-sun-is-still-up-on-the-sea” inspired by the words of Robert Lax, design by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.

Light is still notecard



moth heart

Some California Indian tribes consider moths to be sacred and powerful creatures that are spirit guides into mystery, darkness/light, and transformation. Design by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.

Heart Moth Card

Meanderings 3

November 3, 2017

Then the winds came and a fire that made the sun change its hue.


I could not breath… for thinking of those in the path of the firestorm.

My prayers are with those who were touched by last month’s fires… for truth, love, and renewal.


Meanderings 1 & 2

November 2, 2017


It was an uneventful summer…


Before the winds kicked up…

Nevermore in costume

November 1, 2017


Last night I saw Nevermore in his Halloween costume circling my neighborhood, he did not stop to tell me what he was trying to be, but he called out to me and I told him to send my regards to the conference of birds.

Meanwhile, I have been busy working on a writing project about the San Francisco SPCA in advance of their 150th anniversary next year and it has tapped my extra time when I would normally do my drawing. I hope to get back to my artistic explorations soon.

The Sun Never Says…

May 22, 2017


“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.” Words, “The Sun Never Says,” by Hafiz, design by Meredith Eliassen, 2017.