The Wayfarer’s Song, Installment 13

November 17, 2014

An Experiment in point of view

The narrative point of view encompasses all forms of storytelling and dates back to the Ancients who employed it to communicate their perceptions of the divine Voice. Point of view in various guises reveals the narrators position in regards to the story unfolding; the author can also create a mosaic of multiple points of view.

Such has been my sampling of wayfarers past. I offer no conclusions. Fortune, I had not seen for myself, yet to me, she seemed a boon companion. I was a minor and a miner then. Fortune had favored every work of mine, and worldly riches lay at my command. I longed to see my fancies bright ideal – to tell her of my love, and let her weigh in the scales minute its strength and purity. I met her and at once the power that ruled my heart for months had flown. She was an uncouth, silly maid with freckled face and fiery hair; I threw a boot – at the jade and left the town in mad despair.  Mart Taylor

For now, con te partiro.

Mart Taylor's Carpetbag

Mart Taylor’s Carpetbag

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