The Woman and the Pink Soccer Ball…

June 16, 2015

Well, I have been off the blog for a few weeks and thought I would check in…

For a recent birthday, I purchased a pick soccer ball because I needed to get some more exercise into my daily routine. When you draw, you are not moving about… you get the picture. I first took the pink soccer ball out for a spin a few weeks ago and went down the elevator with a pretty young thing and her boyfriend and she gave me a look like, “No lady, you are too old for that pick soccer ball, give it up.” Boyfriend seemed okay with it though. When I got out on the street, a skateboarder (with a basketball tucked under his arm) got a gander at the pink soccer ball and gave me a nod of approval as he whizzed on past. Whew!

And by the way: GO WARRIORS!!!

Things only improved as I went to the seldom-empty soccer field nearby. I kicked the little pink soccer ball around the field and was as happy as a kid. It’s the easiest way to run a fun mile that I know of… more to come.

Have drawn a little (very happy with TOTEM that I will share in the fall), but am finishing up a lot of “day job” projects, and starting new ones. It is going to be a working summer. Progress on a cool but out of my comfort-zone writing project too. Hope you are all enjoying the summer.

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