From our Family’s Poet Laureate

December 4, 2015

I recently spent several pleasant and carefree hours illustrating a poem by my sister, Elisabeth T. Eliassen, called “The Rose Knows,” originally written on 4 December 2000.


“VII. The Rose Knows. 4 December 2000”: “Roses know; They know the point of it all, They know the meaning of life, They know this experience is all in All, And are happy to smile broadly in the sunshine, From bud, to blossom, to full flower – Fragrant and bright… When roses fall, they laugh as they tumble, Because they just cannot hold themselves up any longer; They laugh and smile, letting go of their soft petals, So that the wind may carry their essence back, And onward into the ever-flowing stream.” From the book “Songs of a Soul Journey” by Elisabeth T. Eliassen (2001). Design by Meredith Eliassen, 2015

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