A New Day

May 7, 2016


“Nordic Fish,” inspired by a circular fish motif from a medieval manuscript, was designed by Meredith Eliassen, 2016. TO PURCHASE NOTECARD

Last night I attended a wonderful concert by New York Polyphony held on the San Francisco State University campus as part of the Morrison Artist Series. In short, it was fantastic, like listening to a natural and unpretentious conversation on a street corner of a gem-strew city. I was reminded of the timeless healing energy of the human voice with this convergence of four male voices singing in chant where every voice was valued and relevant. The compositions spanned centuries and with one song composed for the group, I felt for the first time the beauty and magic of what a composer of vocal works creates when he creates music for voices specific to living human instruments.

My sister has had composer work with her words, and now I have a better sense of the underlying power of this collaboration. The sacred music that New York Polyphony performed is sometime performed in a stilted way, they claim to infuse it with sensuality of today, but in its original context with out the noise of today, it think that the passion would not have been much different if sung by singers who were engaged and living their faith.

New York Polyphony (established in 2006) is a male classical vocal quartet based in New York. If you are able to catch New York Polyphony live in concert you will also feel their movement on stage as they shift and interact with the audience, but the sheer beauty of their voices can be heard in their recordings. http://www.newyorkpolyphony.com/

Alas, I don’t normally write about things related to my work at San Francisco State, but one of the best aspects of my “day job” is working with our fantastic energetic students. Today I want to celebrate the establishment of a press that will highlight student works from Pino Trogu’s letterpress class. Today is the birthday of Stanza 153 Press at San Francisco State University. If you get a chance to support this effort to nurture young artists, please do.

Stanza 153 Press Features work by the typographers, compositors and printers of DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing, Design and Industry Department, San Francisco State University. https://stanza153press.com/


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