Who is this Lady Luck?

September 22, 2016

My mother has been telling me about the “lady friend” of Lucky the Lizard for several months now… and she always refers to her as Lady Luck. This past weekend she finally described Lady to me in a way that I could picture her. Though the description changes with Lady’s mood and backdrop from her having gray and black stripes to Pokka dots remains the same… I am not yet convinced that she is part of Lucky’s posse, because she is reportedly pissed whenever he goes on his travels… whatever.


Lady Luck, a lizard in Sedona, Arizona, as seen by Meredith Eliassen, 2016.

The one constant in descriptions of Lady’s tail… you see… is that she lost it and it grew back gray. Nobody knows the story, and she won’t tell. Maybe a hawk stole it, or a lightening bolt hit her, or she was not fast enough in exiting my parents’ place and one of the poodles took a bite out of her (though they are both gentlemen, really…) Whatever her story might be, her tail grew back, you see, and life goes on…

As this description filled my thought, a true picture emerged of Lady Luck as a survivor in the desert, as the lizard that captured Lucky’s heart when he first saw her in the light of morning dawn as she perched on the Red Rock. Not only was her tail regrown but she was transformed into a critter, more strong, more beautiful, and energized.

Lady Luck Notecard

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