Merry VIV stopped by… last night

September 12, 2019

Okay, so Merry Viv stopped by with a challenge. She told me that my friends have wondered where I am… I explained that I have been working on a book project all summer, and well, I have a day job. Anyway, I whipped up a night tulip real quick. Merry Viv was not satisfied and told me that she has two tall friends that she has convinced to do some crazy time vortex experiment on Friday the 13th. They must be brave souls to do this… She told me that they will visit me as the moon grows fuller and I will be able to fit them on a sheet of paper. I leave you, my friends with this, and I will have my pens at the ready, because she told me that if I do not take advantage of this she will make me look into her time vortex machine and I will have to do some bizarre yoga-like to pose to gain access. Stay tuned.

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