Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 22, 2018


While closed in due to bad air quality, I drew a critter thanksgiving prayer in a heart: “let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and show ourselves glad of him.” Design by Meredith Eliassen, 2018.

After being cooped up during the recent wildfires due to bad air quality in San Francisco, this morning I ventured out to my favorite lake to listen. I had ventured out yesterday as the rains subsided, and to my horror there was an eerie silence… seeing rodents in the gutters, I shuttered, and passed still areas where my beloved tweetie birds reside to sense stillness.

This morning after many pleasant exchanges, I set out to the lake after dropping off a card for an old friend in the neighborhood. The skies were clear and as I approached the lake, I felt the familiar stirrings of life re-awakening. Tiny moths came towards me, first a few, then more… then thousands. Out of the brush, like manna only not from above, but from the side, from my side, the ocean side in the breeze, many touched me on their way inland… dozens of gentle wing kisses… reassuring, like a warm/cool breeze in childhood. I passed the moths, and from beneath the shrubs the little tweetie birds came… just a few steps forward to greet me then back into the brush, then the bigger birds crows, ravens, mallards, gulls, jays… the cormorants hung back. The humans were there too, most spoke languages other than my own, but that was okay… everyone was in accord… thankful for clear skies and life.

With thanks,