I talked to my dad last night and he suggested an exercise for loosening up with drawing: draw a dot on a sheet of paper and then visualize a picture… let your mind’s eye compose what goes on the page… well he said it better, and I am going to give it a try this weekend. I will post anything that is interesting… thanks Dad!

Jamey D. Allen provides a highly technical article on bead manufacturing in “Manufacture of Intricate Glass Canes and a New Perspective on the Relationship between Chevron-Star Beads and Mosaic-Millefiori Beads,” Proceedings of the 1982 Glass Trade Bead Conference, edited by Charles F. Hays, III (Rochester, NY: Rochester Museum of Science Center, 1983) Allen defines millefiori and describes the use of floral canes, which are used to cover or compose a mosaic glass item. He contrasts the modern millefiore beads with ancient ones and describes the three attributes that a millefiori must have. He also clearly defines the differences between millefiore and mosaic motifs with diagrams of variations for different molds.