Crabby today…

January 5, 2017

The beach empties except for a few seagulls.

A crab flirts with the idea of testing the sand.

He changes his mind.

The surf gently carries him away.


Detail of crab from “Seaside Sampler” original design by Magie Hollingworth for Erhman Tapestry and stitched with adaptations by Meredith Eliassen.

A breeze touches my bare feet, reminding me that I am here in search of treasure.

Which way do I go?

Towards the rocks or to the little lighthouse on the other side of the dunes?

I see a boy who is gazing into the sky.

He lifts a finger to determine the wind’s direction…

He takes off and soon his kite drifts aloft.

The wind is steady… let’s go fly a kite! He says.


Detail of kite from “Seaside Sampler.”